Justice for Maryland Survivors

Through the Hidden Predator Act of 2021, Maryland is poised to make great strides toward justice for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, their healing, the prevention of future abuse, and the ability to hold accountable individual perpetrators and institutions that might have facilitated them.

Statistics show that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 13 boys will experience child sexual abuse before reaching adulthood. We have learned through research that the adverse experiences we face in childhood (ACEs) change the structure and function of our brains and have lasting individual and societal impacts into adulthood. The trauma associated with childhood sexual abuse too often leads to PTSD, alcohol and opioid abuse, depression, suicide, and education and employment hurdles. The impact is felt by all of us. According to the CDC, the economic burden of child sexual abuse is over $9 billion annually.

Collectively, we are saying enough is enough. Those who sexually abuse children, and the institutions that protect abusers, must be held accountable. Survivors deserve access to justice, and Maryland can and must do better to provide it. We urge each of you to consider how you might lend your support to this statewide effort and to visit www.Justice4MDsurvivors.org to find more information to get involved.

Visit justice4mdsurvivors.org

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