NoFiltr: Resources for Kids, Informed by Kids

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No Filtr is a project started by Thorn, a nonprofit on the cutting edge of online abuse prevention messaging and technology. Thorn has comprehensive discussion guides and resources for parents, and through No Filtr, they now have resources for kids.

Try sending your teen a link to No Filtr’s TikTok page, Youtube, or website.

Resources include quizzes about how to spot different types of manipulative behavior, how to respond when someone’s explicit images are shared, and so on.

No matter what, sometimes things go wrong or crises arise. Kids do not always want to bring these problems to parents, and it’s essential they know of multiple forms of support. No Filtr’s text support line is great to keep in mind: Text NOFILTR to 741741 for immediate assistance.

At No More Stolen Childhoods, we’ve been learning how essential it is to bring young people further into the conversations about their safety. No Filtr is doing just that via feedback forms and establishing a Youth Innovation Council for young people around the world who recognize a need to help other kids stay safer online.

Also connected to Thorn is another important project for parents and kids to be aware of; There one can find resources, information, and support around the growing phenomenon of sextortion scams.