Tik Tok Live Streaming Age Changes

- | 1 min read

Tik Tok interface and design changes have far-reaching impact. In addition to new safety tools, Tik Tok will soon take steps toward safer live-streaming videos.

In a move to existing risks to children, Tik Tok is making two big changes to their live streaming (LIVE) feature, which has seen growing popularity.

  • Current rule: Livestreaming is restricted to users with 1,000 followers or more and who are 16 and older.
  • New rule beginning Nov. 23rd: Livestreaming is restricted to only users 18 and older.
  • Adults-Only content: Tik Tok will allow creators to tag content that is better for viewers 18 and up. According to the announcement, adult content will still not allow nudity, pornography, or any content that violates the existing rules. The adults-only distinction is intended for comedy or content that may not be appropriate for minors, but is not sexually explicit or violent (i.e. adult humor).

Many safety features hinge on accounts being set to the accurate age. Making sure your kids devices and apps have their accurate age is crucial to utilizing what safety features do exist, even while it is not fully sufficient.