Our Values:

When making decisions and taking action, we at Change the Conversation will be accountable for and intentional at aligning behavior with the following:


We create space for people to share their experiences honestly and without fear.
We focus on their story, listening in order to understand, confirm, and acknowledge what they are communicating to us, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated and that we understand what they need from us.
We are cautious about projecting our own bias, judgments, and interpretations onto others.

Learning and Growth

We commit to learning, growth, and change – both individually and collectively.
We are curious and open to perspectives that will help us better understand ourselves and the work we do, and courageous enough to challenge and change our assumptions and behaviors.


We acknowledge that we all need support in our lives to thrive.
We make genuine efforts to ensure that others do not feel alone, excluded, harmed or minimized by our actions and that people have access to resources and systems that help them be successful in their lives.


We act courageously so that all we do, individually and collectively, actually advances the organization’s community outcomes in alignment with our stated values and core beliefs.
We hold each other accountable and acknowledge that our obligation is to ensure we align with the organization’s stated values and advance clear outcomes for those affected by our decisions and actions.