Harrity & Harrity Has Partnered with No More Stolen Childhoods

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There are many reasons why businesses should give back to their communities.  Businesses who are involved in charitable activities are more attractive to consumers. Their involvement can help create a more positive image for their brand and gain publicity by sponsoring non-profit campaigns and events. It may even allow for tax savings.  However, the most important reason to give back is supporting the mission of the organization itself.

Harrity & Harrity has partnered with No More Stolen Childhoods for our Harrity 4 Charity giving back initiative because we stand behind the cruciality and urgency of their mission.  We give back because we believe that children deserve protection from predators; that they should never have to even think about becoming a victim of sexual abuse.  We give back because we believe that the children who have suffered at the hands of a sexual predator deserve to live happy lives and should have access to the support they need to recover.  We give back because we care.

Whatever your reason to give back, please consider making a gift to No More Stolen Childhoods. Every contribution will have an impact in making our country a safer place for kids and a better place for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  To amplify this impact, Harrity 4 Charity will be matching $45,000 of donations benefitting No More Stolen Childhoods this year. Will you join the fight to protect our children?

Harrity managing partner John Harrity suffered a near fatal “widow-maker” heart attack on May 2, 2016.

After a grueling recovery, and despite 1,000,000-to-1 odds, John thankfully survived. However, most are not so lucky. John’s story and incredible rehabilitation compelled him and brother/co-founder Paul Harrity to create a giving back initiative, Harrity 4 Charity.

This year, Harrity 4 Charity has selected No More Stolen Childhoods to receive matching funds up to $45,000! Help us reach our goal today!