Learning Lab for Parents

Understanding and Comfortably Discussing Childhood Safety and Sexuality


When it comes to talking to children about sexual development and safety, it is easy to feel nervous, awkward, and unprepared. Changing norms and technology, one’s own upbringing, and the sheer importance of the subject can all add to the confusion and pressure. Coming together to learn the latest science and share concerns and insights in a supportive environment among other parents is a great step toward supporting and protecting children.

No More Stolen Childhoods is thrilled to announce a virtual, 4-part Learning Lab to assist parents in having these essential conversations, developing family rules, defining age-appropriate limits, and keeping the dialogue with their children open and ongoing. With these steps, we can better ensure the safety of all kids, and ultimately create healthier communities, generation by generation. The series will help provide:

  • Principles to maintain open, honest, and ongoing communication with your children
  • Knowledge of usual behaviors as children grow vs. what could be cause for concern
  • Techniques for talking to your child about sexual behavior and related boundaries
  • Information and practices to protect your child from sexual abuse
  • Communal space for discussion of concerns and strategies
  • Resources to utilize moving forward


This series is currently available by request and may be tailored in structure and content to specific group audiences. To inquire further, please contact us here