Profile: Mike Fitz-Patrick

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As a financial advisor and portfolio manager at the wealth management company Merrill Lynch, Board President Mike Fitz-Patrick knows a thing or two about how to allocate resources and put together a team in the most lucrative way possible. But like many things in life, these skills can be learned– what must come naturally is the passion and heart that you put into the job.

Mike has been involved with No More Stolen Childhoods since its inception; as a donor, a fundraiser attendee, and as a member of the Board of Directors. Mike has known Wayne, NMSC’s founder, since the beginning of his professional career, almost immediately after graduating from college. The two have remained close friends since. After serving the board in the past, Mike re-engaged with this commitment three years ago, this time taking on the role of President.

Like any other organization, one of No More Stolen Childhoods’ main goals is to drive up its revenue as much as possible in order to effectively carry out its mission to as many people as possible. Although there are many techniques to achieving this, Mike knows, perhaps more than anybody, that its execution comes with a great deal of strategy and intent.

One of the things that Mike values the most about taking on a leadership role within the executive committee is his involvement in putting the team together. As a member of the nominating committee, Mike puts great emphasis on bringing in phenomenal board members whose varying backgrounds and perspectives on the issue of childhood sexual abuse are the organization’s main assets.

According to Mike, raising money for a non-profit organization is not so much about how much money you raise, but how you raise it. It takes a creative and thoughtful bunch to come up with different ways to fundraise, and an even more dedicated and passionate group to build relationships and carry a presence at events that demonstrates their commitment to the organization’s cause.

Through this singularity of thought and clear vision for what the organization’s aims to be, its board members can more readily serve as the advocates that NMSC needs. As someone whose main motivation is his wife, Mary Beth, and their four kids, it comes as no surprise that Mike has cultivated a similar familial bond between himself and his fellow board members.

“I want to be as good of a person as my dog thinks I am,” Mike tells me with a chuckle.

It is evident through his authenticity and knack for leadership that Mike has no problem taking strong ownership in both his professional and personal pursuits, and they are surely those of which he should be proud. No More Stolen Childhoods is fortunate to have a Board President who values his team members just as much as the cause itself– and his dog probably feels the same way, too.