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Episode 9: The Power of Partnerships in Creating A Safer Community
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We have a crisis in the US…a mental health crisis. We have higher numbers of people seeking help and support than ever, and unfortunately there are not enough therapists to fill the need. All of the resources and treatment options are full and overflowing. But what is the solution?  What if our communities had more creative options to support mental wellness?  These are questions that Rachel Harrison has been exploring. As someone who’s been in the mental health field for 25 years, Rachel has been having these conversations with people in government, with people in the nonprofit world, with people in the business world, and people in the mental health world.

In this episode Katie Cashman, Executive Director of Change the Conversation, discusses their mission to change the conversation about childhood sexual abuse. The organization aims to engage communities in the prevention of and healing from child sexual abuse through prevention education, professional training, and counseling grants. Katie explains the importance of having conversations about child sexual abuse and breaking down the stigma surrounding it. She also discusses the power of partnerships and collaboration in expanding the reach and impact of Change the Conversation.